3 Amazing Features of HydraFacial


If you haven’t heard of HydraFacial, you’re in the minority. This treatment has quickly become more popular than Botox, as nearly 2 million are performed throughout the world each year.

That’s not something just any facial can boast! It consists of using a device with specialized tips that cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate all in one treatment. Serums and other add-ons can also be added depending on the patient’s needs.

What makes HydraFacial so special is that they’re a good choice for virtually anyone - from teens to elderly adults.

Still not convinced? Here are three of most compelling benefits of getting this procedure done for yourself.

It’s non-invasive and gentler than comparable treatments

HydraFacial is a type of hydradermabrasion, a treatment which uses gentle “vortex waves” to exfoliate skin rather than gritty exfoliating cleansers, as is the case with microdermabrasion. This leads to an amazing reduction in redness and other irritation that are common with other exfoliating treatments. That means you won’t leave the spa or doctor’s office looking puffy and your skin will feel soft and smooth without the added sensitivity that harsh exfoliators can cause.

It’s great for nearly any skin ailment and age range

Want to shrink those pores? Need to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Suffering from adult acne? A HydraFacial can help. The beauty of this treatment is that the add-ons (serums, creams, etc…) that are used can often be customized to the patient’s needs. Young teens suffering from hormonal pimples and blackheads will see results just as easily as those with age related concerns, such as elasticity and wrinkles. Furthermore, practitioners often would recommend a routine skincare regimen including medical grade products to use in-between facials, so patients are able to see amazing results even after the facial is over.

Just be sure to discuss your exact concerns with your doctor or esthetician before your first treatment. Keep in mind that some treatments aren’t suitable for all people. For instance, many medicinal facial serums have not been tested on pregnant women, and those with active skin rashes and irritation should avoid many treatments until their skin is healed.

It’s relaxing, but effective

With other treatments, patients generally have to choose between a relaxing spa day or a heavy-duty facial with extractions, peels and microdermabrasions.  Not so with HydraFacial.  While the treatment uses medical serums and pressurized suction to clean pores and remove dead skin cells, it’s not uncomfortable and is, in fact, quite enjoyable. You’ll be able to relax and still get the results you’d expect from a more strenuous facial routine. You can lay back, close your eyes, and enjoy the full spa experience while also improving the look and feel of your skin.  Plus, due to the gentle nature of the treatments, you can have a HydraFacial done more often than many other treatments, so you can maintain your results from week to week.

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